The images in this portfolio are original prints. Most were created on copper plates etched with acid; others are linocuts or collographs. Each print is individually made by the artist, who produces small editions of each image. If you would like more information about the images, about printmaking, or to purchase a print, contact info@ruthmoscovitch.com
A native Chicagoan, Ruth Moscovitch now lives in New York City.  During the first years away from her hometown, Ruth coped by making etchings of Chicago buildings, alleys and hot-dog stands.  But now she has adjusted to life on the east coast and creates prints of New York street scenes and bridges and moved beyond, to abstract constructs.
Ruth originally studied printmaking in Chicago under Bruno and Hedi Bak and was a founding member of the Chicago Printmakers Workshop.  After taking time out for a career as an attorney and to raise a family, she returned to printmaking through the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.  Ruth is now an active member of the Manhattan Graphics Center.


Ruth uses traditional etching techniques including intaglio, aquatint, Chine-collé, soft and hard grounds and dry point.  She incorporates fabric textures into her prints, recycling old lace curtains, crocheted doilies, netted fruit bags, corrugated cardboard and paper towels to express the terracotta and brick features of vintage buildings.  She continues to work on streetscapes of vintage Manhattan buildings and the industrial landscapes of northern New Jersey.  But she is also fascinated by the geometry of electric pylons and bridges and has moved on to abstract geometric constructs.  She has begun to use collograph and linocuts, in addition to etching, to express her images.


Ruth has had solo shows in Manhattan and Chicago.  She also  participates in group shows sponsored by the Manhattan Graphics Center, the New York Society of Etchers, the Spring Street Studio, Siren’s Song Gallery in Greenport, New York and the Art Studio in Brookside, New Jersey.  Her work has traveled to Haifa, Israel, the Netherlands and Prague.
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